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Brasilia, DF Brazil – September of 2007

Brasília is the federal capital of Brazil and is located in the Distrito Federal (Federal District). It was planned and built in the 1950s, and it is known for its unique modernist architecture and urban design.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Brasília include:

  1. The Brasília Cathedral: This iconic cathedral was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and features a striking futuristic design.
  2. The National Congress: This imposing building houses the Brazilian parliament and is another example of Niemeyer’s distinctive modernist style.
  3. The Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial: This museum celebrates the life and accomplishments of former Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek, who was instrumental in the construction of Brasília.
  4. The Palace of Itamaraty: This stunning palace is the headquarters of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and features beautiful gardens and fountains.
  5. The Three Powers Plaza: This public square is the location of the National Congress, the Supreme Federal Court, and the Presidential Palace.
  6. The Brasília National Park: This large park is a great place for hiking and picnicking and offers stunning views of the city.

In addition to these attractions, Brasília also has a vibrant culinary scene, with a wide variety of restaurants serving traditional Brazilian cuisine as well as international dishes.

Overall, Brasília is a fascinating city with a rich history and unique architectural style. If you’re interested in modernist design or Brazilian politics, it’s definitely worth a visit!


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